Monday, November 26, 2012

Najib, we are still waiting

Remember the above scene?  It was UMNO's 66th anniversary celebration held at the Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex on May 11 2012.  It was reported that 100,000 attended the event and my guess it was a kind of 'kiasu' gathering as well to beat BERSIH's 250,000.

Anyway, the issue here is about the calling of the 13th general election.  If you follow the time meter of the video, you will notice that at :48 secs, Najib 'Gas Bag' Razak confidently told the crowd that he was so sure of winning that he felt like calling on the King to dissolve Parliament.

Er ... Najib, it is already six months todate.  Why haven't you spoken to the King yet?  Have you suddenly lost your confidence?  The King can't be staying in the North Pole or some unreachable part of the Amazon jungle that hindered you from seeking an audience with him.  So, what's up, friend?

We dare you to call for the GE NOW!!!!

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