Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Sunday Girl - CHICCHI

Back in the 60s, there was this trend where it was common for boys to form their own rock bands due to the influence of pop music at that time.  These bands would go on to emulate their favourite instrumental group they best they could and then proceed to appear in band competitions across the country.  Music by groups such as The Shadows, The Ventures, The Jumping Jewels and The Fentones were the favourites and many of us could play their tunes note for note without having to go for proper music classes.  But out of these many groups, The Shadows and The Ventures stood out and we guys have to decide which of the two would be the mainstay in our repertoire.  My group, The Larrikins, decided on The Shadows.  In between, we played some Ventures' numbers just to please some in the crowd who were Ventures fans.

The Larrikins performing at the Mak Yee Restaurant, BB Park.  That's me on the right, and I was only 16 already trying to earn my keeps.
So, what has all these got to do with our Sunday girl, Chicchi?  For one, she is Japanese and secondly, she is only 13 years old and is a hard core Ventures fan.  She started performing playing Ventures music at the age of 8 and have gone on to make a name for herself.  She became so well known that Nokie Edwards, a member of The Ventures, flew to Japan to present to her a Mosrite guitar, the type used by The Ventures themselves.  One thing for sure, she is cute and adorable

Her fans have uploaded many videos of her performances but I am only going to select four for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy .....

Chicchi playing "The Cruel Sea" with band, The Hotstyle.

Chicchi meeting members of The Ventures [still photos]

Chicchi [centre] with her [all girl] band, Strawberry Paefait.
Playing "Walk Don't Run" with Nokie Edwards
This is a good example of how music can transcend nationality, gender and age. It fuses people together.  American pop music of the 60s, played by a Japanese girl born in the new millennium.  It is really hard to imagine that when we were playing these numbers, Chicchi and her friends were only to be born about 40 years later to continue with the Ventures musical legacy.

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