Tuesday, January 15, 2013

U-turns and more U-turns

Of late, Najib has been extremely busy going around the country to woo the Christians, Indians and the Chinese, to vote for him in the coming GE13. Although we know that it is too little too late, but you really can't blame the guy for trying. On the other hand, we see PAS is behaving in a total contrasting manner. After the leaders, in a joint communique with other Pakatan leaders, about allowing the non-Muslims to use the word "Allah", suddenly we see Tok Guru and Mohamad Sabu doing this ......

The only person yet to make a stand is Hadi Awang.
If decisions can be made in such an arbitary manner, will they behave as such when they take over the federal government? Where policies lack onsistencies, it creates grave concern to the people. Right now, I don't believe PAS is interested in taking over PutraJaya for by taking such a stand, the votes from the community will no longer be forth-coming. They have better think again. The 9% Christian population in the country may not be much, but when it comes to the extended families of the faithfuls who are Buddhists and Hindus, the impact can be quite significant. For example, I am a Christian but my three younger siblings and my two parents, five in total, are Buddhists. They will empathise with me by not casting the vote in favour of Pakatan or UMNO whichever party threatens my belief more.
If I were PAS, please go back to your drawing board, and in future ....

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