Thursday, March 14, 2013

Penang attacked by 'zombies'

You are doing your weekend shopping at a mall, enjoying the various wares on display as well as the company of the easy-going crowd.  Some are having a date in a coffee house.  Others treat it as a family outing with their children in tow, but many are window shopping for bargain.

Suddenly a scream rang out and you notice a group of people just walked into the shopping at a fast pace with their hands out stretched, trying to reach for their victims.

Everybody run helter skelter as fast as they can trying to escpe from this strange group of people who seem to be moving mindlessly in one direction with incoherent sounds.

You run as fast as you can and suddenly you hear a voice calling out to you, "Masuk sini, masuk sini!!"  It is a security guard urging you to quickly enter the departmental store, and as soon you have entered, he pulls the glass doors shut with great haste and locks them.

In a matter of seconds, this group of mindless people had reached the glass doors and are pounding away trying to get in.  You can almost hear the locks to the doors rattling away as they keep on pounding the door endlessly.

Is this a scene from one of the zombie films?  No it was a scene in Penang, Komtar to be precise.  Watch the video and you will know what I mean.

We must change the government so that we can rid ourselves of such zombie incubator that is the BTN, before they produce more of such 'living dead' to threaten our very existence.

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