Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We may need this man as our military advisor

As reported in the Malaysia Chronicle, Mahathir was quoted as saying, "If the Malaysian armed forces do not adopt guerrilla warfare, I am worried that we may not be able to withstand a bigger attack than what is happening now (in Lahad Datu). Guerrilla warfare is different from conventional warfare and if we do not increase our skills in guerrilla warfare, there is a possibility that our country cannot be saved."  See rest of news report here.

If this is the case, then UMNO should consider calling this man for the job and offer him the post of Military Advisor.  His years in guerilla warfare against both the Japanese and the British would put him in good stead to impart his skill to our men at the front line.  What say you, Najib?  The name of this person?  Chin Peng.



  1. Stupid Malaysian Army.

    See this link : 300 civilian, only some of them carrying light arms.
    Versus, FULL MALAYSIAN POWER, from Airforce, Navy to Special Forces.

    What the fuck man...!

    Just send 100 special troops there.
    What for, all the bombing from air forces, clearly showing weak army, and stupid general.

    No wonder, look and hear the national anthem, Negaraku..ku...ku...ku.
    What kind of soldiers while listening to the song will become stronge, brave and heroic hahaha
    Pussy song for pussy people in pussy land.


    1. lol...are you smarter than our army???
      please reading the war doctrine before you say shit!