Friday, April 19, 2013

The new mandore of Barisan Nasional

For a long while now, Waythamoorthy, the chieftain of Hindraf has been needling the Indian representatives in Pakatan Rakyat calling them "mandores".  Now on the sly, he has gone on to sign an MOU with Najib and if this was not bad enough, he has called on all Indians to return the two-third majority to the BN.  His brother, P Uthayakumar was apparently livid at such a u-turn by Waythamoorthy, and in response urged the Indians to support Pakatan Rakyat instead.

I wonder what kind of understanding that has been reached between Waythamoorthy and Najib.  I have studied the 18 points and if Najib was to concede to Waythamoorthy's demand, it is akin to raising the status of the Indians to that of the Malays, which UMNO will no doubt find it terribly offensive.  Perhaps this could be one of the last few desperate moves of Najib - concede now and renegade on the agreement later.  After all, it is only a memorandum of understanding which is not enforceable.  If UMNO could do it to Chin Peng and SUQUI, what is stopping UMNO from doing it again, this time on Waythamoorthy and gang. 

One of the demands was that Hindraf should be given 7 parliamentary seats and 10 state seats to contest in the coming GE.  By inking the MOU, did Najib agree to this demand when the BN candidate list has already been released days ago.  Even without amending the list, many BN members are already unhappy that they were not included or have been moved to another location to contest.  So how is Waythamoorthy going to fit into Najib's larger scheme of things, I wonder?

And so, the fragmentation of the Indian community continues.

Ladies and gentlemen, hail the new MANDORE of BN ........

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