Monday, May 20, 2013

Adam's father says it all

Adam Adli being taken away by police for questioning

"If no parents are willing to start it, let my family be the first. We have never stopped him. We have encouraged him. We are only seeking our freedom to speech, we are demanding our rights as rakyat." 

"Democracy goes beyond what we say and what is being written."  

[Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid.  He further added that he was proud of what his son has done].


  1. You are absolutely correct. We salute you and your family's commitment to fight for a fair and free election and democracy. Your son is a true patriot and we are sure there are many many more like him fighting for justice and freedom of speech. Like Anwar said "Lawan tetap lawan" for the sake of our beloved Malaysia.

  2. More power to you and your family. I would be the proudest father to have a son or daughter as brave as Adam.