Monday, May 13, 2013

The Lembah Pantai blockade

THIS WAS WHAT TOOK PLACE AT the polling station in Lembah Pantai :

(I) KTM asked Counting Agent TO LEAVE the room.
(II) Counting Agent refused to leave. Wakil Calon argued with KTM until KTM relented
(iii) FRU arrived.
(iv) Car arrived but stopped by a crowd of people. People from Bangsar also rushed over.
Attempt to steal Nurul’s victory
Perhaps the most brazen attempted rigging at this election was the onslaught on Nurul Izzah’s Lembah Pantai seat. Not only was the bribery rampant, but as the count was being finalised in her favour that evening, the Election Commission officials came up with an extraordinary request.
They needed everyone to clear the count, so that they could take a ‘rest’! The 15 PKR observers refused to accept the proposal and stayed on. Shortly after a car drew up outside the count ing centre stuffed with ballot boxes inside! The Election Commission officials attempted to force this late entry of extra mystery votes into the count!
The car full of ballot boxes is stopped by the crowd

A human barricade prevented the ballot boxes from being illegally introduced at this late stage, which Federal Reserve Unit officers attempted to disperse. The people refused to leave and the ballot boxes are still the in car and were not were not allowed into the count.

Ballot boxes marked 120 found in EC car boot trying to enter 121 Lembah Pantai polling station
Blocked by public. Nurul has been officially declared the winner thanks to the actions of the people who refused to allow their rights to be violated.
For everyone's info, all the ballot boxes marked
'120' were meant for the Bukit Bintang
Parliamentary seat!  So, what in the world were
they doing in Lembah Pantai or couldn't the
officers read numbers.  Even at cheating the
EC was such a novice.  At least remove the
number tag so as to make it less obvious.  Now
everyone knows.


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