Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our crime rate, still a perception?

Khairy's home has been broken into and thank goodness, no one was hurt in the incident.  Then came Tan Sri Lim Seng's encounter with some parang-wielding robbers while seeking medical treatment at a clinic.  In the melee, he shot one of the robbers dead.

To add to these recent happenings, I have just received the following email which I would like to share with you.

We often hear of robberies etc . Do you feel safe ?

Tonight my friends and I were having dinner open-air at Subang, Ara Damansara .
At 8.30pm the place had 20 tables occupied. Suddenly there was a commotion.
Then I saw a young skinny guy with a long parang running towards the tables .
Everybody started to run and in all directions. It was scary.

After 5 mins , we saw 6 indian guys on 3 bikes leaving. 
They robbed the patrons and cashier. They took whatever that was on the table.
There was an old lady who could not run . As she clung on to her bag , they threaten to chop her hand. She had to let her bag go .

I lost my hp.
For me and my friends, this was the first time we experienced something like this.

Such lawlessness. It's scary.
You have to take care.
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Instead of wasting their time trying to figure out the identity of the Red Bean Army, the PDRM and other enforcement units would be more useful if they could spend time taking care of the security of the nation.  But I guess nothing will be done as our leaders have said, crime in this country is nothing but merely a perception.

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