Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baljit on Chin Peng's ashes

Baljit Singh, Penang Gerakan leader
"Are we going to check every Tom, Dick and Harry who comes in - either by land, sea or air, from Bangkok?"

"And if we do have a suspect, someone who happens to be found with ashes, how are we going to prove they actually belong to Chin Peng?"

"If we manage to prove it is Chin Peng's ashes, although I wonder how it is going to be done, will Malaysia be the first country to repatriate someone's ashes?.

"If we did that, we would indeed be the laughing stock of the whole world,"


  1. we will fly over Malaysia and spread his ashes ALL over Malaysia......

    His Ashes is FAR better than UMNO's Malay Islam Cult Nordin Top Terrorist Leader......this is the same Bast**d who made bombs and killed people in Bali on your TAX Payers funded scholarship to Australia...

  2. Chin Peng is Comunist leader, it is dilemma

  3. Well, as someone who was locked up in a police cell at the age of 7 in Layang Layang during an attack on the police station from outside the perimeter. I think that it's time to move on. If we did not associate with all those nations that have caused death and destruction to many millions of people all over the world there would be no international trade would or association.

  4. I lived with my father a police officer and mother in Lyang Lyang during the Emergency.