Thursday, September 5, 2013

The fat cats of BN

The following statements made by some of our BN leaders inadvertently reflect the bourgeoisie attitude towards the common people of this nation. It is a common knowledge that with the increase in petrol price, a domino effect on all goods and services will follow suit, and there is simply no escape from it.  In the end, it is the people who will have to cough up the difference for survival.  Without a doubt these BN leaders have never been poor in their lives as otherwise such callous statements would not have been made.  It also shows how much they have lost touch with the common people.  How could they know when they are the 'fat cats' living in posh homes, chauffeur-driven around, eat at expensive restaurants and earning a sizeable salary.  By the way, the BN fat cats are in no way cute.

"The hike in fuel pump prices will only push food prices us by 0.1 percent.
We have done our best to ensure that any move to reduce subsidies would not unfairly burden traders. As such, we see no reason for them to mark up food prices as a result of the rise in fuel costs." 

Chua Soi Lek said the people need to understand that a gradual subsidy cut is part of the subsidy rationalisation process in stabilising the economy.

Nazri Abdul Aziz has described suggestions that cabinet ministers pay for their own petrol as a "stupid idea".  "I want to rebut that stupid suggestion by (Rafizi). He is a stupid kid." 

"Petrol prices have gone up, but it surely would not burden the rakyat as the only people with big cars are prominent figures who can afford it. Kampung people don’t have cars,” Slammed within seconds, Bung has had to contend with a stream of annoyed Twitter users, including @ayeemin who scathingly said: “A car is not only for the rich. Today, it is a necessity. But having two wives is only for the rich.”

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  1. Never seen or heard of a such a xmoronic Malaysian MP in all my life! But still the Sabahans voted for him which also makes them morons too!