Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Unbelievable but it is true. MCMC cannot act against those behind the Hate Christian FB page

A Facebook page insulting Christians has provoked netizens into complaining that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) was quick to clamp down on content that insulted Islam, but appeared reluctant to act when such offensive content involved other religions.

The page titled "Harimau Malaya Anti Kristian Sabah Sarawak" was created on September 23. It was taken down on Monday but not before garnering 185 "likes" and drawing criticism from users who found it offensive and lodged complaints with the administrator.

MCMC strategic communications director Sheikh Raffie Abdul Rahman had reportedly told Yahoo! Malaysia that the page had only 185 likes and that it was not an issue.

He advised Malaysians not to get “emotional” over such content.

Sheikh Raffie had also said it would take time for MCMC to nail the culprits as they did not know the owner of the page, and investigations could take years.

Instead, he said that it was up to Facebook to remove the page, and suggested that complaints be channelled directly to the social network administrator.

"You can't get rid of all of this. We will investigate and catch them, yes. We take this very, very seriously, but we have to find the culprits," he said, adding that MCMC would usually send out warnings directly to the owner of the page.

Sheikh Raffie said in the case of the infamous "bak kut teh" post by sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee, action could be taken because the personalities were known, Yahoo! Malaysia reported.
"Here, we don't know the owner of the page. Investigations can sometimes take years," he said.

The sex blogger couple found themselves in hot water after they posted a Ramadan greeting on Facebook showing them eating bak kut teh (herbal pork soup) with a halal logo beside it.

This posting caused an uproar among Muslims, and eventually led to the couple being charged in July for offences under the Sedition Act, Film Censorship Act and Penal Code.

Even Tan's mother was summoned by MCMC as they wanted to take a statement from her, it was reported.

The "Harimau Malaya Anti Kristian Sabah Sarawak" Facebook page had carried an image of the face of popular Tv character Mr Bean superimposed on the image of Jesus, as well as another image of two dogs mating with the face of Jesus superimposed on one of them.

There was also an image of a priest and two scantily clad women in their nun headgear, who were smoking, gambling and stripping.

It was reported that those who complained to Facebook that they found the page offensive received replies that the page did not violate its "community standards".

This is not the first case of Christian-bashing on the internet in Malaysia.

On August 7, a Facebook page allegedly containing comments insulting Sabahans and Sarawakians as well as Christians in the country led to a police report lodged against the creator of the "Semenanjung Malaysia Anti Sabah and Sarawak" page.

The report was lodged by Tuaran Upko Youth members who urged that action be taken against administrators of the social webpage.

[Source: MSN]

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