Sunday, January 19, 2014

UMNO Baru, please spare us your mindless rhetorics.

Wah, look at these UMNO Baru fellas protesting just because someone from DAP did a kangkung thingy on Najib ....

This is a NO-NO

Because of this, UMNO Baru warned there would be another May 13.  Okay, I got you.

If it is good for the goose, can't it be good for the gander as well?

But why is UMNO Baru blaming only the Chinese for "insulting" Najib? What about the following picture?

A 'kangkung' protest by SAMM

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  1. The Malays must distant themseleves from UMNO. They must by now realise that UMNO is a party of cronies! And on top of that the whole government service is a UMNO party! The TV stations and newspapers are UMNO party! So what is there to expect? Ever seen any top civil servants charged for graft or given the sack? Any top police officer charged with conspiracy? Any Minister charged for fraud? No? Not surprising in a country run by crooks who intend to stay in power for as long as they can to "milk" the nation dry! Only in Malaysia do people become politicians because of the oppurtunity to make fast money!! This country has gone to the dogs or rather to be precise the "running dogs or shall i say swines of UMNO".