Thursday, February 20, 2014

MAS report losses again for FY2013

When I came across the news articles in The Malay Mail Online that our national airline has incurred a pre-tax loss of RM1.15b, I am just wondering what direction will the airline be heading this year.  For the 2012FY, the airline incurred a loss of RM424.8m.  Read the report here,

The government will not close the airline, that is for sure.  If they are not going to do so, then it is a case of good money chasing after bad. Unless the internal factors are controlled, the airline will continue to suffer losses. The governmentt must agree to put race aside and get the best man for the job, and my vote goes to re-securing the services of Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye, who was the first GM of MAS in the 70s who brought the new airline then to new heights, thus giving many regional airlines including Singapore Airline. a run for their money. 

Come on UMNO Baru, our national pride is at stake.


  1. MAS = Mana Ada Sistem

  2. But to those guys in MAS, they will say, "Memang Ada Sistem."