Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Poor Mah Siew Keong. The prospects don't really look promising.

When the Ah Sohs (aunties) and Ah Pohs (grannies) start cosying up to Dyana, things do look grim for Mah.

When BN supporters start cosying up to Dyana, now things do really look grim for Mah.

Like a royal princess, she strolls in and waves to the people .... with the new Tiger of Jelutong besides her.


  1. Mr Mah is in real hot soup.He jumped form the cooking pan into the fire.Instead of calling it a day after two straight losses he is trying for a third straight,like the Cal bred California Chrome going for the Triple Crown.

    I have not seen campaign workers or supporters of a party posing for pictures with the opposing candidate in Malaysia before.But there has to be a first in everything.Dyana is not only smart,educated and politically savvy but has rock star status too.I would be really surprise or rather shocked if she did not win by a huge majority.

  2. My thoughts are the same as yours, Bruno.

  3. Geronimo,I have never ever thought or dream that a young 27 years old Malay lady will sent political tremors and shockwaves down Umnoputras spines and in the process help ease our low water level concerns or dry spells.