Sunday, July 6, 2014

Felixia Yeap is now a Muslim

This is not going to be a lengthy posting since the news of this model converting to a Muslim have already been hogging the headlines in cyber space for the last three weeks.

But what I have to say is this.  I am not against anyone who wants to convert to any religion or for that matter if the person wants to worship rocks, stones or rubbish dumps, that is the personal matter of the convertee.

In the case of Felixia Yeap, my only hope is that she practises her religion in good faith, and that she doesn't turn out to be another Tee Chuan Seng aka Ridhuan Tee who is currently on the warpath with the community he was born in.  She needs to practise the good values of the religion and be exemplary to others so that the religion can be looked upon and respected. The moment she starts to bad mouth her own community and gets on the high horse about her new religion, that is when she would end up ridiculed and discarded.

Unlike others who converted on the sly, Felixia did the right thing by openly announcing her conversion. This will no doubt help to avoid any misunderstanding should it occur in the future, that would bring much grief and pain to her family.

May she find peace and understanding in her new found faith.

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