Sunday, July 13, 2014

What a crying shame!

I have just returned from my shopping spree in Taman Shamelin Perkasa in Cheras and despite the fact that there were about 7 to 8 companies which opened their doors to warehouse sales, there was this row of Malay stalls that were closed.

Were they closed because of the 3 pm ruling or were they closed out of the owners' own volition?

I felt it was such a waste to close the eateries when they were located right in the epi-centre of a warehouse shopping nerve centre in the area, and the captive market was there waiting for them to tap. Can you imagine the number of husbands, fiancés and boyfriends hanging out at the stalls to have a bite or a drink or both while their wives and girlfriends are happily spending their time shopping for a bargain.

What really got my attention was I suddenly felt a pang of hunger but there were no eateries opened. Oh, what a waste.

So if the Malays continue to perform badly in business, don't these UMNO Baru fellas start scapegoating the Chinese again.


  1. Geronimo,when the leaders we elected to represent us are weak and doing a very lousy job with ratings of F-,what do we expect them to do.To deflect the blame from themselves to others,blamed it on the Chinese or the Christians.

  2. maestro's worse nightmareJuly 13, 2014 at 10:55 PM

    If Bung Moktar can blamed the loss of Brazil to Germany on Hitler,and later his appology on his wife's green bra,why not the Malays and Muslims blamed their failures on Umno B,Jais,Mais,Isma,Abrahim Ali,Zul Noordin,Ridzuan Tee and gang of racists and bigots.

  3. It makes no sense to force Muslims to open shop after 3 pm during puasa month.Why not let these self employed small time business people earn some money while they puasa at the same time.What is better then killing two birds with one stone.These pretenders of Islam are all fakes.

  4. Bruno, we have to admit, we are dealing with people with a large vaccum between their ears. Look at a gaffe committed by an UMNO Baru lawyer yesterday, who said Wan Azizah could not be the MB of Selangor simply because she has menses. For a lawyer to say such a thing certainly takes the cake. At Wan Azizah's age, does one honestly think that her biological clock is still in full swing, unless of course this UMNO bloke knows something which we don't, i.e. about Wan Azizah's physiological condition. I have to give myself a double face palm.

  5. Masestro's Worse Nightmare : The name of the game in UMNO Baru has always been the Blame Game. When they failed, in anything, they will not even blink their eyelid but start to scape goat the Chinese, Indians, Christians, Shiites, Hindus, Ayah Pin, etc. After 44 years since the launch of the NEP, I still cannot believe they could not find the proper solutions to solve the economic woes of the Malays, and so to take the easy way out, blame every one under the sun, excepts themselves.

  6. Anonymous, this was what the gerai and warong owners have been doing all these years, i.e. until this year's Ramadhan. As a business consultant myself, I find it almost unacceptable to see such huge crowd mingling in and out of the ware house sales in the hot sun, but none of the stalls are opened to cater to the needs of the people. They authorities have better re-think their policies.