Thursday, October 23, 2014

Would Ibrahim Ali, Abdullah Zaik or Tee Chuan Seng lay down his life for this country?

In view of the prevailing brouhaha about the non-Malays being called 'pendatang', this has prompted me to post this article.

I had a very dear friend. His name was Hardev Singh, and he was my classmate and scoutmate from 1958 to 1965. He even represented our school, the Cochrane Road Secondary School in hockey, pole vaulting and school debates.

Upon completing his Form Five, he took up a teaching job for a brief period before finally decided to join the army, attached to the Rangers. He rose to the rank of Captain and was always in the front line, having seen actions in Sarawak, Sabah and the Peninsular.

As fate would have it, he was killed in early 1975 while leading a convoy of soldiers to handle the insurgency of the CTs across the Thai border, and this was one week before his first wedding anniversary.

So to the likes of Abdullah Zaik, Ibrahim Ali, Tee Chuan Seng, Zulkifli Nordin and all the right wingers in UMNO Baru, this is one 'pendatang' who fought and died for you, and don't you ever forget it.


  1. Geronimo,these screaming rats,Abrahim Ali,Abdullah Zaik,Zul Noordin and the Melayu impostor Tee Chuan Seng aka Ah Tee are actually not very brave creatures.Infact they are cowards hiding behind the protection of Umno/BN,under the two sets of laws.

    They know that they are immune to the laws of the country,that is the reason they are like screaming rats.Cowards will always act like cowards and go off as cowards.