Tuesday, November 4, 2014

'Cina Babi', 'Balik tiong hua' ... hmmmm

Lately, I have been thinking about a couple of issues which I see as rather comical and hopefully you will see it that way too. This is all thanks to the politics of UMNO Baru.

Those Malays who belong to the pro-UMNO Baru groups always tend to demonise the Chinese as 'Cina Babi', with the deliberate aim of 'hurting' the feelings of the Chinese. They expect the Chinese to get all riled up and frustrated at not being able to do anything at all. Well, the Chinese don't need to.

If they think that the Chinese would get upset, etc, they are so wrong. In fact, the Chinese find it comical as such remark is a no-brainer at all. Simply put, anything that is related to pig i.e. bacon, ham, pork, er ... bak kut teh, are the delicacies of the community and so to the other non-Muslims around the world. Even some Muslims in other countries consume pork or show no abhorrence to pig.

So what makes them think that by calling the Chinese as such would upset the community is beyond me. However, it would be more downright insulting to the Malays if we were to label them as 'Malay babi' which we don't.

Next, every time they get into a racial frenzy, they always ask the Chinese to 'balik Tiong Hua'. Where in the world is 'tiong hua' anyway in the modern day context? 'Tiong hua', as I know it, is an archaic word for overseas Chinese or better known as 'huaren'. If it is referred to as a country, taken in the proper context, then China should be called "Zhongguo" or "The Middle Kingdom" and the people are known as "Zhongguo Ren". So, whenever we are told to 'balik tiong hua', these will appear above our heads, "????????". Anyway, we are Malaysians and we are not returning to 'tiong hua' (wherever it is) any time sooner.

So, please to all those in the pro-UMNO Baru groups, save your breath and stop making yourselves clowns in the eyes of the world. You may like to try something new, I hope? You might like to try some brain-storming first, if you know what I mean.

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