Sunday, June 28, 2015

The government has launched 'Operations Cover Up'.

    Many govt offices/agencies have now gone gung-ho in implementing the sarong to all and sundry, including the non-Muslims, and despite the fact that all and sundry in UMNO have assured the non Muslims time and time again that anything Islamic will not be imposed upon them. What baloney.
    Okay, on my part, the sarong is part of my casual wear at home and I have two of them, a blue and a maroon. I intend to have one of them kept in my car just in case I have to visit a govt office and then be told to dorn on a sarong. Being a personal item, I think I prefer mine as it is very pantang to wear somebody else's sarong. More so, when it has been worn many times over by members of the public.
    So which one will I look better in if I am being forced to wear one in one of the govt offices.

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