Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Red Shirt vs Bersih 4.0, who is the ultimate loser?

My apology for being away for quite a while as I was on out-of-town assignments as well as coming down with a flu/fever and a sore throat which took me a week to recover.

Now the at the worst is over, let's see what is happening or going to happen in our country.

Ah yes, the Red Shirts planned demonstration on September 16 as a counter move to Bersih 4.0 which saw an overwhelming response of almost 500 thousand participants.  Not to be outdone, they were confident that one million would show up for their cause, but so far, well, your guess is as good as mine.  Quite frankly, I don't believe it is the 'upholding of Malay dignity' which is the rallying call but rather the kiasu syndrome in them that they did not want to lose out to Bersih.  As usual, the Chinese were made the scapegoat despite the fact that Malays contributed about 40% of the total, especially on the second day.  No, no, no, it has to be the Chinese fault and along with it, DAP was dragged into the fray for organising the event.  I bet Uncle Lim must have been left in a bewildered state, "Now what did we do?"  We all know that Bersih 2.0 comprising of various fair-minded NGOs was the one who organised the event.  I can see their warped thinking.  Even if there were 51 Chinese and 50 Malays, they would still say that the gathering was predominantly Chinese *face palm*.

Okay, point of contention.  Let me rebut this statement as perceived by the pro-UMNO NGOs, "The Bersih 4 rally has been branded by its critics as a demonstration dominated by the Chinese to challenge the political power of the Malays." The real fact is that the so-called domination of the Chinese during the recent Bersih 4.0 rally was not by design, but by chance. Every Malaysian wanted to attend and they did not knowing whether there would be more Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans or Kadazans dominating the rally. The same feeling applied to Bersih 1, 2 and 3. 

Due to some reasons which I do not wish to speculate, many Malays did not turn up on the first day but on the second day, they turned up in full force, some say making up to 40% of the total participants in the rally. If it was by design, how was the organising committee going to ensure that more Chinese turn up compared with the Malays. By the sheer size of the response, it would be a humongous task. If a Malay wants to join the rally, is Bersih 2.0 going to tell that he/she could not be there as it was an all Chinese affair? This must be madness. So, these pro-UMNO NGOs are just barking up the wrong tree psyched up by the likes of Utusan Melayu. Secondly, what is this utter nonsense about challenging the political power of the Malays. 

This is a democratic country, and if UMNO want to remain in power, they just simply have to perform. The political power is slowly being destroyed by UMNO itself and the vociferous remarks made against the party by its own members is proof enough without the other races chipping in. If this is the attitude adopted by these NGOs, then we might as well change the federal constitution to ensure UMNO rule forever. I dread to think that should Pakatan win the GE14, these people might just go berserk still not able to grasp the fact that a change is necessary if the present government is not living up to its trust.

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