Sunday, November 8, 2015

The most divided nation ....

Let's study how divided we are and the outcome should put us into the Guinness Book of Records for being the most divisive nation.

1. First, we have the Bumiputra and the non-Bumiputras.
2. Then, we have Muslims and the non-Muslims.
3. Within the Muslim community, a sub-division is seen between Sunnis and Shiites.
4.  Amongst the Muslims, it is divided between UMNO Muslims, PAS Muslims and PKR Muslims.
5. If that is not bad enough, we are further divided between Semanjung and East Malaysia with different set of laws, polices and rulings.

6.  With the dichotomy of Bumiputra in place, it is sub-divided between UMNO bumiputras and non-UMNO bumiputras.

Now, the latest, a proposal is being made to divide the nation further and that is, trolleys at supermarkets will be marked for Muslims and non-Muslims usage.  If that is the case, what about the shopping baskets?  What about the plastic bags available to customers to put their purchase in?  I am totally lost for words.  Read news article HERE.

Quite frankly, at the supermarkets, why don't we trade in different currencies as well, one for Muslims and the other, for non-Muslims?  If this proposal was to be adopted and implemented, I am definitely going to shop elsewhere where I don't have to endure religious discrimination.  The authorities must think that the non-Muslims are suffering from some form of skin disease, like leprosy, that the Muslims must avoid at all costs.  What an insult !!!

Just thinking off the cuff.  What if the Hindus too demand for beef-free trolleys?


  1. Geronimo,these are the people in authority,whether they be ministers or civil servants with the "ketuahnan Melayu" mentality.To put it plain and simple, "these are sick,very very sick and disturbed people".

    1. Bruno, as the Malays would put it, 'Tiada kerja lain ya?' or as they say in Cantonese, 'Tak han moh yeh cho'. There are so many important issues affecting the nation that should be urgently addressed, and they have to touch on issues such as this, which is so provocative in nature.