Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Is Adenan Satem crossing a bridge too far?

I believe Adenan is pushing the envelope. First, the recognition of the UEC. Then came the recognition of English as a medium of instruction alongside BM and now, the move for full autonomy. He wants to recall all the powers taken away by the federal government, and that PutraJaya should adhere to the MA63.

 CM ADENAN : "We will also insist on Full Autonomy for Sarawak. We want the Malaysia Agreement to be honored in all aspect. Let us be reminded that we are people who have enjoy peace and prosperity...janganlah kita biar ia tergugat...I can assure you we will take care of Sarawak the best way we can.  Let us dedicate ourselves to the service of Sarawak, our country and the people..."

Check the video link here.

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