Thursday, December 24, 2015

Where is our hope?

As the Barisan government veer further and further from its objectives of looking after the interests of the people, and losing their trust, we are dismayed the 3 months old opposition coalition has yet to pull themselves together to offer an alternative government that deserves our trust. As pointed out by political scientist Dr Welsh, lack of cohesion and forward looking approach to problem solving is dragging Harapan from delivering hope.

We may react in several ways. We can switch off and let fate run the nation. We are just so sick of the immature and divisive talks by the politicians except for a few that we are tired of analyzing our affairs and offering answers. We are not solving any problems. There are no consolidated approach to confront our government. Everything from BERSIH to G25 are based on specific agendas.

Sometimes I wonder should we not form a new party based on common ideals of caring Malaysians with minimal politicking? All the problems are before us and we know the answers. Just that there is no body to materialize this hope. Sure, one more political party will not answer our woes. But what if it is the People's Party formed by the ordinary people for the people without hidden agendas? Too idealistic? A start must begin where our politicians has failed us.

Or we can throw our support upon Harapan even if it isn't ready or not the ideal coalition we want it to be, hope that it will grow in strength and experience. We need leaders who think differently from the UMNO, MCA and MIC mindsets. As they offer to lead we avail to them our trust and guidance.
Lastly we can let the devil continue another 5 years which will extend to 10, 15 and beyond as he discovers the art of perpetuating his control through manipulation of the vulnerable electorates and jailing his opponents. In this case prepare for life to become more restrictive as personal freedom and choices are controlled.

Throughout history we read of overthrow of corrupt governments and leaders by force if necessary when democratic process are frustrated. Malaysians are not ready nor capable of sacrificing our creature comforts for the larger goal of saving the country from ruin. We are good analysts and critics but when asked to put them into action we look away.

How many offshore and outstation voters will return to vote against BN come 2018? Will they say it's hopeless? Or will they place hope that it will be a watershed year for us and return in drove to cast their votes to overthrow BN democratically?

How many are praying hard for divine intervention to restore good governance? We are not only battling in the flesh but in the spiritual realm too. Believe me, Malaysia is being fought out between forces of evil and good. Do we have faith that good will triumph over the present evil? I believe our country is a paradise worthy of all support to be rescued from the evil regime. We cannot resign to giving up because we don't have the number yet. Through patience and persistence, covered by a daily dose of hope we shall defeat it and build a better nation. Never give up.

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