Saturday, January 2, 2016

The economic invasion of China

Will Malaysia soon be renamed as "Chima", a satellite state of China?

First, we have the Chinese tourists from the mainland coming in droves for the past twenty years spending their renminbi on us. Then, came the selling off of chunk of shares to China in the form of JV in the EDRA power plants, Bandar Malaysia, the commercial port in Malacca and the high speed rail from KL to Singapore projects, each one going into the billions of ringgit.

At the rate things are going, it will not be surprising if someone come out with a cockamamie suggestion to renamed our country as "Chima" (a combination of China and Malaysia), or Cantonese for sesame seeds.

Then, we will have roads with names such as :
Jalan Xi JinPing.
Jalan Mao TseTung
Jalan Deng XioPing.
Jalan Zhou EnLai
Jalan Hu JinTao
Jalan Li Peng
Jalan Jiang Zemin
PutraJaya will be renamed the Great Hall of the People.

Unlikely?  Maybe but one can never know the way things are going on in PutraJaya.  Food for thought, though

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