Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ex-Major Zaidi joins DAP.

DAP on the way to becoming a truly Malaysian party with multiracial compositions. The huge challenges facing the party are acceptance of non Chinese members, especially of leadership potential, by the grassroots leaders and ordinary members, impatience of non Chinese entrants in ascending the leadership hierarchy and demanding key positions and the dilution of the Chinese influence and dominance of the party. More importantly to fight the public perception that DAP is and always will be a chauvinistic Chinese party which UMNO spared no efforts to use it to frighten away Malay support.

The LKS and LGE team must be willing to change their approach to garner more non Chinese supports, in the process giving up absolute Chinese control of the party, for the sake of fighting UMNO and BN. It may take 2 terms to see a different DAP emerging. The squabble between DAP with PAS and recently with PKR shows the failure of the Pakatan coalition. In a democratic environment that Pakatan tries to grow, inter party feuds will mess up the larger goals to defeat BN. The only way is for a strong multiracial party to rule the nation away from the coalition model which is not workable as shown by BN. Budding leaders must not be self serving but work towards the larger good of the country and society.

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