Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our superbug girl, Dr Lam Shu Jie ....

*Dr Lam Shu Jie (藍舒潔), 27, Chinese Malaysian* the superbug girl who did Australia proud.

She was one of the best student in SPM but failed to get our government JPA scholarship to continue her undergraduate degree in Australia. Moreover, with her excellent results from Melbourne University, she got the scholarship from Australia government to further her postgraduate master degree. In addition, with a sponsorship and funds for the research. Her excellent research dissertation was noted even during the first year of her PhD study. She carries the title *Dr. Lam* at the age of 27!

This Chinese Malaysian lass got her breakthrough in medical science at Melbourne University in _*super bug*_ research.

She got her scholarship from the Australian government but not her own country's government.

China has just awarded her the illustrious *Young Overseas Chinese Award* in Beijing.

China's Health Minister Gao Qiang personally handed the coveted award to her.

Currently, China, Australia & Singapore Government and Universities are fighting to recruit her at their research centre respectively. Many believe her quality research work will have massive global impact. She has the potential to win a Nobel Prize in future!

I wonder why Malaysia isn't doing anything to rope her back?

Wonder why BN Government set up Talent Corporation for?

Just wondering...


  1. Malaysia is a brain-drain country

    1. Malaysia is a failed country

  2. Don't come back, they can't catch up to your mentality and brilliance here, you will never be appreciated.

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