Saturday, April 4, 2009

1Malaysian and its potential failures

So now Najib wants to embrace the 1Malaysian concept. Before he goes any further, can we know what had happened to Wawasan 2020 and the Wawasan Schools which were supposed to be visions in bringing the rakyat together via development and education? Besides these two, there were many other similar campaigns, but it is so apparent that none bore fruits as the schism among the various races grew wider each day. Perhaps I can suggest to the new prime minister some ways where he can see his 1Malaysian bear fruits.
1. Disband all racial political parties so that there will be no identification by race.
2. All official government borangs should do away with the 'Bangsa' query. We are already Malaysians. Heck why do we need to know the race?
3. Do away with the NEP so that all races can enjoy the fruits of the land together.
4. Do away with enrolment quota into local universities.
5. Promote non-Malay military personnels to higher ranks when it warrants.
6. Do away with the 'Ketuanan Melayu' slogan. Instead replace it with 'Ketuanan Malaysian'.
7. After 37 years, the teaching of Bahasa Melayu in schools to bring all races together have proved to be a failure. I suggest that we return to all subjects in English with a compulsory pass in Bahasa Melayu. Back in the 50s and the 60s when all races received their education in English, not only was our standard acknowledged as one of the best, it also brought the races together. So why reinvent the wheel when it was not broken?

So to the new PM, let us see you walk the talk. Otherwise potential failures await you.

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