Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Scorpeon Submarines

Someone asked me a while back what in the world would a country like us have the need for submarines? Putting aside the questionable dealings which has now put our new prime minister in a not so good light, I personally feel it was a bad decision to have such military heavyweights in our arsenal. For a start, the seabed of our Straits of Malacca is far too shallow for the submarine to maneuver submerged. Assuming that we are at war with Singapore, their destroyers can easily pick us off like flies on the wall, one by one with their depth charges.

During World War II, after Hitler had unleashed his wolf pack which caused considerable losses to the Allies, the British developed the depth charges to take the wolf pack out. Whenever the depth charges are thrown into the sea, the submarines would quickly take deep dives of several hundred feet below the sea to avoid being hit by the depth charges. So, what I would like to know is, did we do a simple test like depth charges vis-a-vis deep dive. Maybe the MOD would like to provide the rakyat an answer as to how they came about their justifications to purchase the scorpeon submarines.

Our territorial waters on the Straits of Malacca side would not be much as we have to share the straits with Indonesia. In other words, before they could dive after leaving port, they would have already entered Indonesian waters. So whether it is for defence or attack, the submarines would be immobilised by inadequate space.

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  1. Then we should submerge the unsinkable Scorpions in the South China Sea to ward off outer-space and imaginary invaders and boat least