Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Koh Tsu Koon, did you really mean it?

One of the politicians I admired was Koh Tsu Koon. When he finally dawned upon him that he had lost Penang to the DAP, he graciously called up Lim Guan Eng to contratulate him. On the day when LGE took the oath of office as the Chief Minister, he and his wife were also in attendance to witness the ceremony. What a gentleman!

As the months went by, the typical BN virus have got back into him, and one of those things, taking pot-shots at LGE and his team. He even back-track on promises made by him.

This is what fellow blogger, Lulu, has to say:

"When the announcement came that Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon [KTK for short cos this is way too panjang for me to type every time], the former Chief Minister of Penang who kalah-ed teruk to a first time candidate in the 2008 elections, would be made a minister via the senator-ship role, Lulu and many others were taken by surprise. Hadn't this KTK honourably proclaimed during the run-up to the GE that if he loses, he would not take up a Senator post to make it into cabinet?

KTK cleared the air yesterday.
According the Malaysiakini,

He also dismissed talks, mostly emanating from Penang, that he had said before the last general election that he would not join the cabinet through an appointment as a senator if he was defeated.

"I did not say I will not do that. I only said that I would prefer to be elected rather than appointed," he clarified today.

Lulu looked up where the misunderstanding came from,
and Lulu was shocked to find out that it was from the Star! the Star which is MCA's mouthpiece. The MCA which thinks that it should be an MCA man as Chief Minister in Penang since they had more assemblyman. The MCA which does not exactly love Gerakan, especially in Penang.

Was the Star being mischevious in putting up this piece of news on election day last year?


Did the Star on Mar 7th know that KTK was going to lose, and published this piece so that he cannot return even as a Senator?
did the Star think that they were helping KTK by impressing upon the voters that if the Batu Kawan voters didnt vote for KTK, it would be the end of the road for him, hopefully convincing them to vote for him. [never mind that the voters went to the ballot box knowing that and still did not vote KTK, causing him to KTK still kalah teruk by a margin of 9,485 votes]

if it is the former, or even the latter, Lulu thinks KTK should sue the Star. Currently, lots of people, especially the Penangites, remember what KTK has vowed. And everyone is laughing at him, thinking that he is not just a loser, but an untrustworty loser.
He should sue them or at least serve them legal papers demanding a retraction
so that he can get his maruah back.

Poor misunderstood KTK.

Anyway, he is now a Minister via his appointment as a senator. Like Uncle Lim would describe him as a "back-door minister".

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