Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RTD and MACC to sign an MOU on graft??

Aisehman has this to say ... this is another joke

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) yesterday to stamp out corruption and enhance integrity among its staff members.

As part of measures to rid the agency of corruption, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said, the MACC would assist JPJ in carrying out background checks on officers who were qualified for promotion. [The Malaysian Insider]

Fight corruption need MOU, meh?

Where in the world have you heard of an anti-corruption body signing an agreement with a corruption-ridden body to stamp out corruption?

Only in Malaysia.

Under the law, MACC does not need permission to turn JPJ upside down, if it has to, to root out corruption.

In fact, the department is obliged to bend over for any probe MACC feels necessary.

Maybe what JPJ seeks via the MOU is for the MACC to be a bit “understanding” if and when it finds evidence of graft in the department.

You think I’m being unfair here?

Read this:

RTD director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said the pact with MACC dealt with preventing bribery as part of the department’s internal controls although the commission still has its investigative powers.

We also have an understanding that if we receive a report from a member of the public, we will do our own investigation and if the investigations need a higher level of expertise, we will alert the MACC and they will conduct their own investigations,” he said … [The Malaysian Insider]

So what happens if members of the public report incidences of graft directly to the MACC?

Does the MACC then hand over the report to the JPJ for it to conduct investigations on its own, as per MOU, and wait for the outcome?

Does not the law require MACC to launch its own investigation when there is a report lodged with it?

You say there will be separate investigations? Then where is the need for an MOU?

Man, I will not be surprised if after this, there is a rush to sign MOUs with MACC.

THERE IS also some sort of MOU, though not a formal one, between UMNO and MACC.

Read this to find out more.

The Bernama article argues that “perhaps it is time for Umno members to choose the stiffer of the two penalties [under the UMNO Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act] if they are serious about cleaning up the party of political graft”.

What are the penalties?

Those found guilty under Section 10(b)(aa) of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997, can be jailed up to 20 years and fined five times the value of the gratification, or a maximum of RM10,000, whichever is higher, upon conviction.

However, under the party’s Code of Ethics, Umno members who are found guilty of abusing their power which includes money politics will find themselves losing their party posts, being suspended or losing their rights as a member, among other things, with a right to appeal.

Gee, that’s a tough one, but if it were me, I would pick the Code of Ethics any day.

SO WHAT happened to People First and Performance Now, jib?

Never mind.

It is getting clearer by the day that such things were too much to expect in the first place.

Geronimo's take: Both MACC and RTD are government bodies. Remember MACC is not independent. Therefore, if both are government bodies, then why the need for MOU? It really boggles one's mind.

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