Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kudos to Khalid and his team

The Selangor Pakatan Rakyat state government has bagged a 64 percent approval rating, according to a recent survey by independent pollsters Merdeka Centre.

Conducted from June 5-15, the survey involved 1,360 telephone interviews with Selangor registered voters, selected through random stratified sampling.

The rating of respondents of Chinese and Indian origin stood at 69 percent, while 59 percent of Malays had a similar response.

Some 60 percent of respondents felt that the state is heading in the right direction, while 58 percent are satisfied by the government's management of the economy.

The survey, commissioned by the state government, also showed that 63 percent of respondents are satisfied with Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim's performance, while 19 percent have expressed dissatisfaction.

The timing of the release of the findings, however, has raised suspicion that it was a move by Khalid to scuttle plans by Selangor Backbenchers Club chairperson Azmin Ali, to push for a reshuffle of the state cabinet.

Azmin's outburst last Thursday against the state government during the state legislative assembly sitting has also raised speculation that he is trying to undermine Khalid's leadership.

Asked on Monday if there are plans to replace Khalid, a curt Azmin replied “No comment”. It was significant that he did not deny any such plan.

In a statement, the press secretariat of the Menteri Besar's office attributed the good ratings mainly to the “state's welfare programmes, transparent and efficient administration and reduction of corruption”.

It said the survey has identified weaknesses, including the lack of communication outlets, awareness of various programmes, reduction of red tape and provision of services.

Pakatan swept to power after the March 2008 general election. The coalition currently holds 36 of 56 seats in the state assembly.

[Source: Malaysiakini]

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