Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Teoh Beng Hock's death and MACC

The family of Teoh Beng Hock must have been severely traumatised to learn of the death of Teoh after he has gone to the MACC office in the late afternoon and only to be found dead the next day. He was availing himself at the MACC office as a witness to answer questions relating to the alleged mis-spending of state funds by his boss.
The ensuring videos will give viewers a stark reality of how far we have fallen in terms of humanity when a human life can be snuffed out in seconds by officers of certain government agencies.
The racist tones used by the interrogators were also unbecoming when they themselves are even worse when they should be adhering to certain rules of conduct when questioning suspects. Like they say, "It breeds from the top".
In the first video, you can see Malays, Chinese and Indians demonstrating together, against the unruly behaviour of the police under CPO Khalid Abu Bakar, If a protestor can shout back at the CPO using words such as
"Shame on you. Go to hell!" and "bastard", that already speaks volume for the kind of espect left for our men in blue.

I believe all Malaysian rakyat will now want the MACC to report direct to Parliament instead of the Prime Minister. If this is not done, more suspects and witnesses will be heading for a one way journey to either the police station or the MACC office.

My deep condolence to the Teoh family and may justice be served. Now let's see how fast they will act on Toyo.

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