Saturday, August 22, 2009

The "finesse" of Rais Yatim

I once met Rais Yatim at a golf club in 1990 when he was still with Semangat46. He talked to me very excitingly about the new found cooperation his party had then with DAP and PAS. He continued to chatter away about new strategies to take on UMNO. He was, in my opionion, a very polished gentleman, spoke with an accent and articulated himself very well.

Today, years after his return to UMNO, we now see an uncouthed Rais Yatim, holding a press conference. A reporter posed a question to him in English and this was what he (the reporter) received!!!

And if this was not bad enough, that Mamak fella now suggested that all Chinese newspapers be translated into the national language. Er .... come again????? I guess his reasoning being, since the Chinese (and other non-Malays) can read and understand BM pusblished by the Malay msm, it is only fair that the Malays should be able to read what the Chinese papers have printed via a translated version. Is this a sign of senility or what? Don't believe me, just read this.

Fifty two years after independence, the Malay language is already a part of our lives and many Malaysians from all walks of life speak and write BM proficiently. We do not need to go overboard with all these charades.

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