Saturday, August 22, 2009

You have to pay $$$$$ to ASTRO to remember Yasmin Ahmad!?!?!?

I am pissed off with ASTRO and I believe the time is fast approaching near when I will terminate my subscription with them, just like I did to the Star and NST. The recent increase in the subscription fees was bad enough as the excuse (not reason) given by ASTRO was that the Sports Channel has become costly of late. So instead of absorbing the increase, they decided to pass it on to the subscribers with a catch, i.e. if they did not hear from you, the amount will automatically be debitted to you.

Here comes the last straw. For almost two weeks I have been following the "YADK" programme on Channel 110, a channel specially dedicated to the memory of Yasmin Ahmad. This morning when I turned to the channel, they have taken it off and instead, to watch the show, you will now have to subscribe to it. How heartless can ASTRO be. Yasmin is dead and they are making money out of her!!! These guys in ASTRO are nothing more than a bunch of vultures.

One more thing. Customer service is not their forte. I have written 2 emails to them since the beginning of the year, but have not received a single reply. All I ever got each time was a female staff calingl me up just to inform me they have received my email and would be replying soon. I even betted with the girl to say that ASTRO will never reply my email. True enough!

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