Thursday, August 27, 2009

How could we mistreat a star from India???

Came across this press release from the website. After reading the article, I am left wondering why our people just don't use their brains before doing anything. It is so outright embarassing to say the least. Words really failed me.

Sameera Reddy who was recently in Kuala Lumpur to shoot for Ajit’s Saran directedAsal had a horrific experience with the security guards of the Prime Minister of Malaysia!

The lanky beautiful actress told a Mumbai tabloid: "I was done from the shoot and was returning back to my hotel. I was in the hotel car park waiting for the lift, when suddenly, I noticed 10 security guards forming human chains and ushering someone into the lift. As I entered the lift, all of them followed me with the person they walked in with. Sensing a sensitive issue, I asked the hotel security guy escorting them whether I shall take the next ride up but he said that it was okay."

Sameera adds that the trouble started after that when she reached the main lobby floor and was moving out when all of a sudden, one of the security guys grabbed her arm and shoved her aside. Says Sameera: “I was shocked that someone had the audacity to manhandle me like that so I pulled his hand off me and asked him what the hell he was doing? He started shouting at me in Malay and when I screamed right back at him, he got aggressive. Another guard joined in and then, the whole situation got out of control, with both screaming and shouting. They tried to lift me bodily and throw me out of the lift, when the hotel guy finally intervened."

Later she came to know that they were security guards of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Sameera says she did not want to create a ruckus in a foreign land where she didn't know the language and the brave girl that she is, says- “I was not scared or apprehensive but felt a bit proud that I had taken them on. No man can misbehave with me!"

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Geronimo's Take: While poor Yen Yen is trying very hard to bring tourists to our shores, here we have these nimcompoops going all out to sabortage her efforts. Was manhandling a female that necessary??? As a result of this incident, now the whole of the sub-Continent will know what we did to their star, and I am wondering whether Sameera will appear on "Koffee with Karan" to relate her ordeal to the world. *sigh*

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