Saturday, August 29, 2009

Religion and alcohol

So Hassan Ali, a pious Muslim he is, is now stepping up his rhetorics by banning the sales of beer/liquor to Muslims in the state. If this is not bad, companies like Carlsberg and Guineess may also face re-location from this Muslim majority township of Shah Alam. I wonder when all this will stop? Maybe until the whole state looks like they are back in the 7th century, I think. The reason for my saying this, is this. If you want to start something, make sure you end it. By banning drinks beverages containing alcohol will bring about a chain of events that he will find it impossible to cope later on. For instance, he wants to ban beer, then you might as well ban Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola for these two drinks too contain alcohol. Here is a quote from the Fiqh Council of America: "It is well known that some soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, contain among their ingredients a tiny amount of alcohol, which is used to dissolve some constituents of the drinks such as color, flavor, etc. Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola, for example, contain different types of flavors, considered to be part of the trade secrets; these flavors dissolve in alcohol, which is no more than two to three parts in one thousand (0.03-0.02 %) in these drinks. "

0.03 or 1%, alcohol is alcohol and it must be banned or will he apply the double standards of some can and some cannot?

He further added that Muslim staff could no longer work in breweries as he considered this as against the religion. As it is, there are already thousands who are jobless and with this line of action, wouldn't it lengthen the unemployment line?. I wonder who is going to feed these families if the breadwinner of the house could no longer find employment?

Here is something interesting. The next time you take a cough syrup or any medicine, check the label again. "It contains alcohol. The alcohol present in the finshished medicine guarantees its storage life and assists your mucous membranes in their task of taking up these natural substances more easily and as completely as possible." [Madaus website]

It further added: "Alcohol is also intrinsically present in the body. It occurs naturally in the human body as a by-product of metabolism. For this reason, the natural blood alcohol concentration in men, women and children alike is constantly around 0.03 per thousand. In a person weighing about 80 kg, this percentage is equivalent to a total of 1.68 g pure alcohol in the blood."

So are we to ban such medicine as well?

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