Saturday, September 26, 2009

HINDRAF and PMSM are not the same

There seems to be convoluted agenda to draw simiarility on Parti Makkal Sakti Malaysia (PMSM) to HINDRAF.

PMSM is headed by one Thanethiran, formerly a coordinator for the HINDRAF movement briefly during the height when HINDRAF leaders were in ISA and in exile. There is a clear distinction between the objectives of both organization as one is political and the other a NGO.

PMSM of course being a political party has chosen itself to align to BN for their speedy registration as a political party but HINDRAF remains an "illegal" non partisan NGO with its sole objective to voice the truth and question any political power whether it is BN or PR for the voiceless and defenceless society.

In the forefront, HINDRAF addressed the issue of the Malaysian Indian marginalized state of affair and will continue to champion the same cause, but eventually it will transpire for the community as what it seeks is just and fair under the current scenario.

The apartheid concept that is practiced against the Malaysian Indians need to be confronted and dealt with as this society has regressed to an underclassed society due to the practice and policies of the UMNO led government. HINDRAF does not need to be a bedfellow with either BN
or PR to achieve this but be truthful to its cause.

The public need to understand as an NGO, our battle is with the policies and status quo that is implemented either by the BN or PR. The divergence of race, religion and creed is always used and manipulated by politicians to create the animosity within the public. That has been the standard operation either whether it is BN or PR. They never seem to learn or they just underestimate the capacity of a Malaysian for all the fictitious political will.

What HINDRAF seeks is the truth, reality and awareness should emerge in our conscience individually irrespective of the origin and an opportunity for all in the socio-economic development for all Malaysian in a fairly and just manner.

Many political parties come by, but the objectives ends up being self serving for individual battle and glory but never for the goodwill of the public. HINDRAF believes that only when we individually in a non partisan way can revolt through our awareness for our surrounding for the truth and betterman of the society, will we be able to get rid of the unbalanced and prejudical operations of system through fear and favor against our own Malaysians.

HINDRAF and PMSM are world apart in their objective and only time will tell.

Certain quarters are deliberately linking HINDRAF with Parti Makkal sakthi with the view to confuse our supporters into believing that HINDRAF is now a toool of BN. No doubt that Parti Makkal Sakthi is currently led by our former National Coordinator but I have no part with this political party and will never allign myself with BN which is led by UMNO, the main force behind the oppression suppression and marginalisation of Malaysian Indians.

HINDRAF’S affliance is for the society’s need to understand and comprehend the truth to create an objective society for the goodwill of the society in whole in an unbiased stand.

Thank you.

P. Waytha Moorthy


After reading this news release from Malaysiakini and since it was on the topic of Parti Makka Sakti, this is my take on the issue.

Quite frankly, what does RS Thanenthiran, President of PMSM, hope to gain by aligning himself with the likes of Najib, UMNO and the BN? I wonder. If he thinks he will end up joining the BN, he has another thing coming. Remember IPF which was founded by ex-MIC Pandithan? After 20 years, they are still out there in the political wilderness, dying a lingering death just because MIC vetoed their application. Najib is already sidelining MIC, first by having an Indian Affairs section in the PM Department and now looking so favourably on PMSM. Does one think for one moment that MIC will approve them joining the coalition without jeapardising their [MIC] position? MIC tried to fight from the inside and failed miserably. So what makes Thanenthiran thinks he can be far more effective fighting for the Indians from the outside? By endorsing BN for the coming Bagan Pinang by-election, Thanenthiran is actually endorsing the racist ideology of UMNO, that it was okay to marginalise the Indians, that it was okay to destroy Hindu temples and that it was okay to deprive the Indians of proper education. What a way to go for the new party? While harping on the PR's dismal handling of the Kg Buah Pala issue, he forgot about the Section 23 incident. Where was he then? For the first time in Malaysian politics, a town hall meeting was held to explain the need of a Hindu temple in Section 23 to the Muslim residents, and by doing so, Tan Sri Khalid and his team virtually put their lives on the line. I am not a Hindu, but I can really admire the conviction of Tan Sri Khalid for doing what he felt was right.

Anyway, I am glad that PMSM is aligning/joining the BN as one deserves the other as they are all racist parties. The PR have no room for racism and I am glad that Tan Sri Khalid nor any of his people attended the recent launch of PMSM.
Thanenthiran's main gripe with the PR is the Kg Buah Pala issue and by that, he had already labelled the PR as useless and could not be trusted. But he forgot that PR is a multi-racial coalition. What benefits one race will automatically benefit the others. Just taking the Selangor state as an example. The poor Indians are now enjoying free water, funeral expenses for Indian senior citizens, free parking for disabled Indians, a fund for Indian babies born last year with a tenure of 18 years and if you are an Indian in the Selangor civil service, one can enjoy maternity leave at 90 days and paternity leave from 7 to 14 days. This is a start. Can you imagine what PR can do if they were to take over the federal government? Now you know why Najib must have Selangor back at all costs. To wait for the next GE will mean Selangor is gone forever.

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