Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How in the world could this have happened?

A son of a former private secretary to former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was charged in the Sessions Court here yesterday with possessing a handgrenade.

Muhammad Ezra Rusli, 27, a businessman, pleaded not guilty to having the handgrenade at a house at Kota Damansara at 1pm on Sept 8, an offence which carries a maximum 20 years jail on conviction.

Deputy public prosecutor Shah Rizal Abdul Manan did not offer any bail because it was a serious offence.

Judge Aslam Zainuddin fixed Oct 19 for mention.

Ezra also pleaded not guilty in the magistrates’ court here to causing hurt and threatening to kill his father, Rusli Abdul Malik, 61, with a gun at the same place between 3.30pm and 5pm the same day.

The offence of causing hurt carries a maximum one year’s jail, RM2,000 fine or both, the whole threat offence carries a maximum two years jail, a fine or both.

Magistrate Aishah Hijriah Arshad disallowed bail and fixed Oct 19 for mention pending the court’s decision on whether Ezzra needed to be sent to Hospital Bahagia for observation and also for him to engage a counsel.

[Source: Bernama/Sept 19 2009]

Geronimo's take : Wait hold on a minute. For having a grenade which can maim or kill human beings, the penalty is only 20 years jail???? But for having a gun or drug, a person receives the death sentence. Something is not right with the law. Could it be that he is the son of a VVIP?? Any of my learned readers can help explain? Now read the second charge again. This fella threatened to KILL his father, you know ending the life of another person. But the offence is "causing hurt" and carries a fine of RM2,000? If my command of the English language serves me right, there is a vast difference between KILL and "CAUSING HURT". Slapping another person causes hurt. Kicking another person causes hurt. Punching a person in the face or stomach causes hurt, wife caught husband with another woman causes hurt and the list goes on. KILLING a person does not cause hurt, it causes DEATH! Somehow, I just don't feel safe with our justice system anymore.

The other question I would like to pose is, if Muhammad Ezra Rusli could have access to one hand grenade, could he have more in his possession? In the same vein, if he could have access to a hand grenade, could he also have access and holding a cache of fire arms? I wonder whether our mata-mata have checked this one out instead of busily arresting those participating in peaceful candle light vigils and those trying to hand in a petition to the authorities so that their grievances may be heard.

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