Thursday, October 22, 2009

What a damning testimony for MACC! The Paretto Theory of 80/20

Dr Rafick wrote :

1. I completely forgot that today is the day that the Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand (Dr PR) was supposed to take the stand at the TBH Inquest. I was busy attending a seminar and half way through, suddenly by blackberry receives strings of updates from friends and unknown people asking me to read the Malaysian online papers. All of them are now more than ever convinced that TBH was killed in the MACC premises.

2. Dr PR background as a no nonsense person with 10000 post mortem behind her certainly will create a dent in anyone theory that TBH jumped out of the window voluntarily. In my previous CSI series, I have indicated that there is just no motive for him to jump. There are more motives for him to continue living as he is getting married in the next few hours.

3. In her testimony she acknowledges that, Dr PR did not visit the site. She did not examined the body but she based her findings based on the post mortem reports, pictures provided by various parties and findings of her 2 assistants that came over a few months ago. Despite that she is confident enough to conclude that there is an 80% probability that TBH was murdered. Would it be 100% or 50% if Dr PR was on site after the body was found and if she were able to do the PM on the body of the late TBH? In the peoples mind, I believe many would believe that she would have concluded beyond certainty (i.e. 100%) that TBH was murdered.

4. What does this testimony means? To some it may means that TBH was murdered by MACC officers. To me it means a lot more. It means that the entire system which consists of the MACC, Police, the doctors (from Klang and UHKL), and officers in Putrajaya is now on trial.

5. It creates a damning perception among the people on whether the Government Machinery can be trusted to work professionally and independently. The perception is now growing that the interdepartmental cooperation has gone beyond the “professional level”. It appears now that there is a cooperation not to uncover the truth but to cover it up!

6. Based on the earlier court proceedings, there were unusual communication trend between MACC officers in Shah Alam and MACC HQ in Putrajaya while the death took place. This piece of clue and the other related testimonies by MACC officers suggest that they knew what was going on. For that reason, Hishamuddin (MACC No2) had told his staff not to lodge a police report. Despite he was in the office the whole night he was in Putrajaya subsequently and asked his officers to go to Putrajaya and brief him.

7. We must not forget the “surat layang” which gives information on the inner working of MACC and character of their officers and in particular Mr. Hishamuddin. The latest information by Dr PR, the various facts deduced during the inquest and the surat laying must be evaluated as one.

8. I believe Dr PR has strengthened my own theory and deductions that TBH was either dead or unconscious when he exited the window. It seems both of us agreed on the estimated time of death. I am waiting for her to comments on the torn pants as well as with regards to the damage show. It points to the fact that he died while he was in custody of MACC. He was never released.

9. This is a very sad day indeed. The public is now more that certain that TBH was murdered in the process of bringing down the Selangor State Government and not merely investigating a corruption. The way he was investigated is certainly different from the way other people like (e.g. Khir Toyo) was investigated. If I am not mistaken, Khir Toyo did not spend a night at MACC. It will further enhance the people believes that there are politicians involves in this whole scheme.

10. Personally, I say it is the best interest of BN government to give up the culprits, punish those who are involved as this will have a long term implications. BN need to sacrifice those people to protect the interest of the political party. Right now managing people perception is far more important than anything else. I suggest they do it before it is too late. To the doctors of (and UHKL) that were involved in the Post Mortem, they must be pacing in their office…

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