Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why the Pakatan led government fall in Perak

When I first read about the expose in the Malaysia-Today and Malaysia Unplugged about the Perak royal family's involvement in the state constitutional crisis yesterday, I found it to be totally unbelievable. Let's face it, despite HRH the Sultan of Perak's stubbornness in not dissolving the state assembly that will lead to a fresh round of election, I still harbour some hope in him that he would come to his senses to do the right thing. Hey, we are not talking about any run-of-the-mill citizen of the country but a former Lord President. Now that the expose is out, that hope is totally dashed. Najib is literally holding the Sultan by the ***** [pardon the expression] . If greed is the cornerstone of morality even amongst the royalties, then what values are we trying to impart to our children then? Before this, a corrupt politician was elected into office to walk the corridors of power again.

The family is already filthy rich and I am even more surprised to learn of Eleena Raja Azlan Shah's financial standing. What more do they want from the rakyat I wonder?

I hope the good Sultan and his son will stop preaching about good governance and rule of law; and I hope when the Sultan's birthday is around the corner, the msm will not run their supplements that contain editorial like the Sultan who cares for his people. That would probably make a lot of people want to puke! While the Pakatan government is giving land to the people, these UMNO fellas are giving land to the royalties.

We definitely want to hear from the palace what the His Highnesses have to say to RPK's expose.

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