Monday, November 23, 2009

Namawee is really really PISSed .... with TNB

Dealing with bureacracy is frustrating. One can put up with it, complain in the hope things will improve or as in the case of one person, vent on YouTube.
A young man from Muar who caused a national furore with his rap video Negarakuku in 2007 is taking out his frustration with Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) in a very public way.

Wee Meng Chee or Namewee figures you can't get any more public than the worldwide audience of YouTube.

Blowing his top

His outburst followed a blackout in Muar that caused him to lose a new song he was composing on his computer. Wee said his younger brother's revision for an examination the next day was also hampered by the blackout.

The rapper stormed into the Tenaga Nasional branch in Muar and started hurling abusive language at the workers after he was unable to get someone from the utility company to answer his phone calls for the 10th time.

The tirade was made into a short film and put on YouTube. The clip and variations of it have since attracted over 700,000 views.

Ministry to probe incident

Sin Chew Daily quoted Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Ministry’s secretary-general Kamaruddin Siaraf as saying that Tenaga Nasional could take action against Wee if it feels that the film had damaged its image.

He said his ministry was investigating the incident involving Wee at the Muar branch.

[Source : Malaysia Mirror]

Geronimo's Take : What?!?! The authorities may take action against Namawee if they felt that the film had damanged TNB's image? With such frequent blackouts, I wonder what is TNB's image worth, especially in Muar. I don't blame Namawee for behaving the way he did, although it was done with less finesse, but how else can you get the attention of these TNB fellas.

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