Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With the intervention of the DPM, has MCA become a Malay Controlled Association?

By now, just about every Malaysian has watched the most-lampooned political video on YouTube since VK Lingam's "correct, correct, correct"-- a full-grown deputy minister crying uncontrollably because he was left out of a weekly meeting of top MCA leaders.

Ignore the fact that this just shows how bottomless the self-esteem of MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong is. Or the fact that many of the videos on YouTube are tagged as "comedy" and have been used to elicit laughter on patients suffering from depression. Let's forget the fact that the skillful execution of political theatrics was blown when the "producers" even placed a blue box of "Premier" tissue in front of Wee before the press conference commenced (can verify this from the various YouTube videos).

Cry baby Wee and his Wanita counterpart Chew Mei Fun was just putting up a show for Umno. The rabid Chinese media had already reported that just minutes before the November 18 press conference, he was seen laughing heartily when Kelantan Senator Alex Wong cracked a joke about DAP MP Fong Po Kuan's new hairstyle.
Well, the "show" paid off as the delirious Sin Chew group of newspapers went into a tailspin portraying Ong Tee Keat as the worst dictator since Gengis Khan. Immediately, the white-haired Sin Chew senior editor Kuik Cheng Kang alerted the press corp covering DPM in Rome who launched a tirade attacking OTK from several time zones away. The next day, Wee and gang got what they have been yearning for: PM confirmed he's stepping in to resolve the MCA problems.
(As BN chairman, Najib has every right to show his concerns since he's been pressing most of the right buttons to win back support in time for the 13th general election. But some MCA leaders have other devillish ideas.)
Why do MCA's Three Stooges (Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun) want Malay-Umno to step in to Chinese-MCA affairs? That's because that is the only way they could get instant promotion in the MCA. Corrupted greed has possessed the trio who are willing to sell their souls to the Devil for a crest in front of their official Proton Perdana which reads "Menteri" or a door plate which says "MCA President".
The thing is, Wee and gang had wanted to get rid of OTK without dragging in Umno. After the October 10 EGM, Wee (through his puppet Liow) thought they had staged a coup when they got 23 MCA Central Committee members to sign a letter in Nikko Hotel asking OTK to resign. But the number of pro-Wee Ka Siong CC members has, as of last count, dropped to 10 (http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/articles/20091118204819/Article/index_html).
That's when WKS asked LTL to lead a delegation of 9 MCA MPs to see the PM and threatened Najib that they would quit to join Pakatan Rakyat unless OTK was removed. They had wanted to harp on OTK not keeping to his words about quitting but realised that they too have not kept to theirs about resigning if the EGM did not favour OTK. Besides, OTK can only be removed if 2/3 of the CC EGM wanted to remove him.The plan to see the PM failed miserably when only four MPs committed, including two siblings.
Caught on a backfoot, WKS decided that the next best thing is to get Umno to come in by playing victim and potraying OTK as the villian who has lost control of the MCA. Hence, the ceaseless calls for Maggi Mee (instant) fresh polls and pushing for the unlawful EGM. Then, Umno has justifications to stick its nose in.
How do you trust a man (WKS) who would resort to using an extra-party (Umno) and unconstitutional (EGM) means to topple a leader after exhausting all legal and internal avenues? Would such a man not be subservient to Umno?
Could anyone even imagine LTL thumbing his nose at Umno if he were handed the MCA presidency on a silver platter? Can such a man stand up and be counted by the Chinese community when he has to rely on his successor in MCA Youth (WKS) to lead him on what to say and how to act? Didin't LTL already agree to the MCA Greater Unity Plan on October 20 but changed his mind after WKS and CMF returned from Geneva?
Vegetarian LTL would even take bak kut teh for a week to preserve his position going by how his balls shrank under interrogation from MACC officers on Nov 11 over the Toyota Alphard bribery case, in his own Health Ministry (not even Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam where Teoh Beng Hock was found dead).
Does Chew Mei Fun who recorded one of BN's biggest electoral defeats in March 8 in terms of voting majority, have the spine for ANYTHING at all besides sucking up to Ong Kah Ting?
Can these people even come near Ong Tee Keat - despite his erratic character - in the way he stood up to the powerful forces in Umno by taking on the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal? Could they afford not to seek psychiatric treatment whenever the PM throws dirty glances at them when OTK himself had been censured not once, but twice by the Cabinet in the past (http://www.voiceofmalaysian.com/2008/10/06/i-have-been-yellow-carded-6-times-says-mcas-tee-keat/)?
And speaking of PKFZ, where was the MCA Youth chief when OTK was at the firing range while getting to the bottom of the scandal? Instead of sticking his neck out for OTK - as the Youth wing is expected to - WKS stayed away to protect his cosy relations with Tiong King Sing, who's really backed by powerful quarters in Umno.
It is very telling just what kind of substance Mastermind Crybaby Actor (MCA) is made of if he can shed buckets of tears just because he's been left out of a weekly meeting (actually he could attend as an invited member but he chose to ignore that fact). That being the case, MCA (the political party) and the Chinese community should be the ones crying bucketloads if WKS is elevated. And their tears will be genuine, not like his crocodile ones.

[Source: I Love Malaysia]

Geronimo's Take : Let's face a simple fact. The MCA we see today is no longer the same MCA we knew under Tun Tan Cheng Lock of the 50s where the party worked in concert with UMNO and MIC to gain independence for the country from the British. Leaders were made of sterner staff then but today, we have leaders who are mere softies who can't even take the hard knocks of politics. By weeping infront of the cameras for the whole world to see merely reflects how weak the leaders are to handle the hard knocks of politics and truly, they deserve the interference of UMNO, who by right should not be involved. For the Chinese in MCA, you have lost face.

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