Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wah, Ah Long now on FaceBook and wants to connect with you

It appears that no measure is too extreme for 'Ah Long' [loan shark] trying to collect debts.

One persistent debt collector has taken to hounding a borrower on the popular social networking website, FaceBook, with the aim of humiliating him into settling his outstanding debt.

MCA Public Service and Complaints Department head, Datuk Michael Chong, said the new modus operandi involved posting of the victim's identity, including photographs, personal information and their debts, on the website. "Prior to this, the 'Ah Long' used red paint and posters to humiliate their debtors but now, they are posting the debtors' personal information on the social website," he told reporters at the MCA headquarters here today.

Chong said the latest case involved a car accessory shop worker who found a loan shark's threatening message posted on Facebook, demanding that he pay his outstanding debts.

The 25-years old victim from Batu 9, Cheras, had taken a RM1,000 loan in September but was now being pressured to pay RM80,000, inclusive of interests accrued. The victim lodged a police report at the Kajang police headquarters last Friday. - BERNAMA.

Geronimo's Info : For those who wish to apply for loan from the 'Ah Long', please use the following prescribed form. Wakakaka.

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