Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nazri, another potential member of Pakatan Rakyat?

Quite frankly, I thought by now everyone would have got over the BTN issue and move on. But with Mahathir now jumping into the fray and slugging it out with Nazri and vice versa, I told myself, "Hey, this is something else!" It's not like everyday you have two heavy weights punching themselves blue and black for the whole world to see, almost like a Muhammad Ali vs Joe Bugner fight. And if this is not good enough, you get a Mahathir sidekick like Toyo who has got into the ring to clown himself silly, as usual.

Mahathir true to form is always at his best when tested. This time in his row with Nazri, he applied reverse psychology. In any heated argument, one side will blame the other for something, and the other side will retort back in denial. So when Nazri called Mahathir a racist, the latter admitted. Nazri to Mahathir : "You are a racist!" Someone would expect Mahathir to reply, "Who said so?" Instead, he said, "Yes I am!" like, SO WHAT?! Nazri by now would have been caught off guard with a "Er.......", and if this was not enough, Mahathir further taunted Nazri by saying that UMNO was a racist party and that he, Nazri should resign from it. The reasoning being, since Nazri is so adamant in calling Mahathir a racist, then Nazri could not be a racist himself because if you are one, then it would be like the pot calling the kettle black. So if he was not a racist, then what is he doing in UMNO? Hence, Mahathir's call for him to quit UMNO. Remember that incident when our MIC fella Sothinathan was suspended from Parliament for raising the issue about the predicament of the Indian students pursuing their medical studies in Russia and Nazri stood up and shouted "racist" 28 times? An interview was conducted later in which he claimed that he was not a racist at all. Aha, we have that famous Lingam quote again, "Sounds like him, acts like him but it is not him". With his on-going feud with Mahathir and at the same time, claiming he was not a racist, he sounds more to me like a potential Pakatan Rakyat candidate. Read here, Nazri, the darling of the opposition.

South Africa has since done away with racism vide the apartheid policy of the whites but in Malaysia, racism seems to be a staple diet, like rice. If this is not bad enough, the Malay rights and Ketuanan Melayu issues are once again brought to the fore by those Malay right wingers. Now we can understand why Malaysians are sceptical about Najib's 1Malaysia. I do not want to sound pessimistic but with these bozos around, it will never see the light of day.

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