Monday, December 21, 2009

OMG, a F-5E engine went missing!!!

After reading the Malaysiakini's report on the missing fighter jet engine worth RM50m, I just find the whole incident bewildering as to how such a thing could have taken place. Of all the things, it happened during Najib's watch as the Defence Minister. By convention he should have taken responsibility for such negligence and resign from his post, but he didn't. Instead he stayed on to later become the prime minister of our country. Amazing isn't it? My thought at the moment, what if we had short range missiles in our arsenal and they went missing under our noses. That would have caused alarm in the region to warrant every country to be on red alert. Not possible? In fact, this is the second time it has happened. The first time was on July 2 2000 when the Al Maunah group walked away from a military camp with cache of arms. Although they were finally caught, but the fact remains that nation's security has been compromised. Did we learn anything from this incident? Apparently not

The Al-Maunah heist is something the Crime & Investigation Network (ASTRO channel 732, for those who don't know) is exploring under its new CI Asia programme. Launched in November and featuring stories from Hong Kong and Singapore, the crime-fixated channel is turning its gaze to Malaysia for December. Since it will be seen throughout Asia, it certainly has put our military in a very awkward position on their shortcomings.

The Prime Minister said that there will be no cover up. Does this imply that there were cover ups before this?

Now, will there be a third time?

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