Sunday, January 10, 2010

Darn it! We made world news again!

Once again, Malaysia made it to the world news but for the wrong reasons and with the world media showing pictures of Malay Muslims demonstrating outside mosques and a burned out church, the perception that Malaysia has become another terrorist hotbed will soon become entrenched, and what's more, we can even kiss foreign investments bye bye. Islam has always been regarded as a forward thinking religion (I was told that it was written that one day, man would land on the moon and we did), but the people who demonstrated and fire-bombed the churches, gave the impression that Malay Muslims are backward thinkers, living in the 7th century. What happened to UMNO's preaching to the world that Malay Muslims practise moderate Islam?

Looks like UMNO is in for a long haul carrying out damage control over the incidents.

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