Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Thaipusam and what the MSM did not tell you

Batu Caves was a hotbed of politics as both sides of the spectrum rallied during the Thaipusam celebrations yesterday to win over the much contested Indian votes.

Despite battling on home ground, the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government took off hamstrung as police refused them their event permit at the last minute.

NONEWhile Prime Minister Najib Razak, MIC president S Samy Vellu and their cohorts addressed the masses from a vantage point within the temple compounds, their counterparts had to do without a stage, which was forcefully dismantled by the police.

The underdogs, however, worked against odds to inspire hundreds into a full-throated roaring chant of 'Hidup Rakyat', as the state leaders spoke from a makeshift stage attached to a Selayang Municipal Council truck.

"Just like the old times," observed a Pakatan leader.

The event, which started at 11pm, two hours later than scheduled to make way for Najib, was held under the Middle Ring Road flyover some 500 meters away from the temple.

Lukewarm welcome for first couple

This was in stark contrast to the federal government's happening, where Najib and his waving wife could only garner a sprinkling of applause and that, only after Samy called him the 'Father of 1Malaysia'.

While Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim guaranteed the safety of all in Selangor, Najib's delivery was mainly the rehashed story about the handouts distributed to the Indian community by the BN last year.

thaipusam khalid donation in batu cavesNot to be outdone, Khalid (right) announced donations to build more temples in Selangor.

Police presence was equally strong at both events but their action had more muscle at the Pakatan end with attempts to halt Khalid's speech after threatening to arrest the whole lot for illegal assembly.

But, according to Selangor state exco Elizabeth Wong, the men in blue were pushed away by the passionate crowd.

The crowd also booed Samy when his car passed by, with one man screaming, "Go home, Selangor is my state not yours."

Speaking to the press later, Khalid expressed his disappointment at being "pushed aside by (their) guests (the federal government)" in their home state.

"We are now looking to see what authority we have over usage of land and public spaces as the state government, so we can avoid this (conflict) next year," he said.

Organising exco, Xavier Jayakumar told
Malaysiakini that the disruptions cost the state at least RM120,000, excluding payments to be made to pop stars from India whose appearance had to be cancelled.

[Source: Malaysiakini]

Looking at the first picture above, it appears that there is this montage of Najib having a similar pose as the the statue of Lord Murugan behind it. Is this allowed in Islam? I guess if Muslims are allowed to drive a car named after a Hindu God, Iswara, then I guess this must be okay.

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