Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I was indeed pleasantly surprised

It has always been said that when you require any service from our public utility companies be rest assured you will be made to wait. If that alone is not bad enough, you will encounter staff who are rude, lack enthusiasm in their jobs and treat your request like you owe them the world and not the other way round.

When and where credit is due, I certainly would like to share it with my friends. For almost four days consecutively, my taps were pouring out muddy like looking water. Even my kitchen filter did not help much though the water emitting from the faucet was slightly better than the ones connected to the water tank. We started to store the filtered water in tubs, pails and whatever plastic containers available until we look like we were heading for water rationing. Finally, I decided to call SYABAS and so my moments of truth started. I didn't have the number so I called the TM directory for assistance. A very pleasant voice greeted me and even requested the location of my residence so that she could provide me the Syabas office nearer to my place. I thanked her, following which I called the SYABAS office in PJ. Another pleasant voice greeted me. The female customer service staff took down my particulars and assured me it would be attended to immediately. Now this is the part where my doubts started. I asked her, "Immediate? How immediate may I know?" She replied, "Within 2 hours, sir." Still not convinced, I said, "OK".

In a very short while, I saw a SYABAS vehicle pulled up at my front gate. They responded within one and a half hour! I opened my gate to be greeted by two smiling technicians who also wished me a very good morning. 15 minutes before they arrived, the water started to clear up, but they still insisted that they would need to do a check on the water quality. They brought out some meter equipments from their vehicles and started doing test on the chlorine level (happy to note that mine was at an acceptable level) and the water quality which was 3 units above normal although the brownish stain was gone. I was briefed on their findings, following which they proceeded to locate the fire hydrant in front of one of my neighbor's house, to perform a "flushing" exercise.

Within an hour or so, the condition of the water coming out from my faucets was back to normal.

To SYABAS, SYABAS on a job well done!

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