Monday, March 29, 2010

Wake up, DAP, before you start losing the much needed support of the rakyat

DAP Headquarters 23 rd March 2010

No.24 , Jalan 20/9 Paramount Gardens

46300 Petaling Jaya

Selangor by email / fax 79575718

Mr.Lim Guan Eng

c/o No.14 Jalan Talipon

10400 Pulau Pinang by email / fax 604-2288514

Dear sirs,


I refer you to my email of 06/ 03/ 2010 and the complaints therein and my specific request for a reply / response. I also refer you to the numerous phone calls made by me in an attempt to get you to reply to my complaints and the conversations between myself and your racist Ms.Foo ( hp 012-3725852 ) and one Mr.Goh allegedly of IT HQ and the conduct of your staff at the DAP HQ in response to communication.

As I have been very clear with my requests and queries and was assured of a prompt reply by your staff above and you have failed to reply and have not denied my statements and since more than sufficient time has lapsed , you have by at least this failure to address the issues therein and refusal to deny them , agreed to my contention.

I would like to thank you for making this declaration to the electorate, to clarify any doubts they might have had and to contradict any previous statements that were made in the alternative from what DAP is stating below. This will certainly assist the electorate in it’s decision making process in preparation of the next General Election

I thank you for Confirming and agreeing that DAP under the full instructions of it’s leadership and working within it’s established policies, are a Political Party that

1) lies , lies repeatedly and are happy to do so.

2) is Racist and class conscious in it’s activities and it’s representatives are free to abuse, insult and humiliate the electorate

3) does not wish to reply to phone calls, letters and emails in relation to queries and complaints, especially if it originates from non-Chinese as I have made many over the years and none have received a response. When I raised this issue of racism, it has never been denied.

4) does not attend to complaints of serious problems of failures , damage and maintenance of public property within it’s administrative boundaries and has additionally provided proof of poor and corrupt public property maintenance in at least my area.

5) unlawfully solicits monies from unsuspecting members of the public for activities that are racist and class conscious. DAP are unwilling to reveal how this solicitation took place and as to how the contact was enabled. When challenged, the DAP representative soliciting the funds ( Evelyn 0162675006 ) threatened to use force tantamount to ‘ criminal intimidation ‘ to silence the complainant .

6) is a Chinese chauvinistic mirror image of the criminal Barisan Nasional.

7) does not deny the issues stated above as raised by me to them in the past.

I am sure that you agree that it is my duty to inform the public of your brave admission and declaration and will also assist in the propagation of you kind declaration to the electorate by posting this on the internet. I also thank you for the kind permission you have given me to do so.

Yours faithfully

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan

Copied to

1) MT
2) www

And fax.nos.

  • 603-7983 7576
  • 603-78738017
  • 604-2613003
  • 605-2417402
  • 603-79837576
  • 603-77260443
  • 603-33243096

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